The Schacht's

Meet Will,

Will was born and raised in Lancaster, WI. He is the current owner of Eastman Cartwright Lancaster, a lumber based company, that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1919. Will is the 5th owner of this family operated company. With a major in Business from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, Will has found his love and happy place in the building industry. Specializing in new construction, he has been an active part of providing quality materials for homes built in Lancaster. Each project from start to finish, has given him a reputable name; being loyal and honest with the customers and contractors. 

Meet linda,

Linda was born and raised in Chicago, IL. and has watched her father build since she was a little girl. Creating, designing, and building has always been a part of her life. In her previous role as a salon owner, Linda found her talents for decorating when she made her first design vision a reality, during her salon commercial buildout. Some girls like shoes, clothes,  or makeup; Linda has always liked and invested her time and energy in interior design. She likes to incorporate old and new and is in love with all things beauty. 

With many years of valuable experience in a wide variety of fields, Linda can pin point others styles and put their visions into a reality. Whether it's commercial or residential, Linda can help create your perfect look. The Schacht's got married in May of 2019 and Linda started working at Eastman Cartwright with her husband, Will! Her love and connections to Chicago stayed with her and are being carried on to Eastman Cartwright in the Home Addition.

The Schacht's Can't wait to help you create your dream home!

Why have an ordinary home, when you can have an extraordinary home!